Is there an advantage to using the Epps Elson Team to Represent you?

Whether you go through the Contingency Release Program TM or just want to build a new home, together we have 20+ years experience in the new home building industry

There are many factors to consider in building a new home:

  • Professional Representation to ensure your GOALS and NEEDS are met
  • Knowledge of the Market
  • Choosing The Right Financial Package
  • Selecting the Right Lot & Improvements to Ensure Good Resale Value
  • Professional Guidance Throughout the Entire Process (Blue Print Review, Inspections, Selections Etc.)
  • Negotiation Skills with the Builder
  • Knowledge of Builders and Builders Purchase Agreements
  • Access to previous home sales and Info about Subdivisions, Floor-plans, etc.
  • Thorough understanding of New Home Warranties

Are there any advantages to not using an agent to purchase a new home?

There is no a financial advantage for you to buy directly from the builder. Builders have a “single-price” policy, meaning you will be charged the same price whether your interests are represented by an agent or not. It is important to remember that builders represent themselves; and the Epps Elson Team will represent you.

The Epps Elson Team will assist in making informed decisions that best benefit you and your family.

  • How does the home fit on the lot?
  • Where are easements, and how do they affect your home?
  • How do you live in your home?
  • Right selections for added value on resale
  • Why have the home independently inspected?